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Event: Ramadan: A Month of Quran By Sheikh Awadalla

Ramadan: A Month of Quran By Dr. Professor Sheikh Awadalla Youssef Al Azhari

A inspirational talk in English THIS Saturday 4th July 2015 at 8pm (after Asr Salah) only at MasjideUmer 79 Queens Road E17

Please attend and invite others also. 

This event will be broadcasted live online for sisters at

Profile : Dr. Professor Sheikh Awadalla Youssef Al Azhari, who was born in Egypt, and studied most of his life. He obtained a license from al-Qira’at Institute, Al-Azhar. Sheikh has also studied under many illustrious scholars around the world and received Ijaazat in various Islamic sciences. Although taking the understanding of the Shafiy Mathab, Sheikh also teaches fiqh of other Mathahib. He has taught in a number of capacities in Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and most recently the UK.

As well as a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, Sheikh has also completed an MA in Management in Education and an MA in Religious Education. Sheikh is involved in presenting Lectures, speeches and the khutbah for Salat al-Jumu’ah in universities, colleges and various Centres in ongoing consultation with UK based scholars, MP’s, Local Councilor’s and as well as being active in Multi-Faith dialogues. Sheikh is the rector and an Ustadh at the Open School of Arabic and Islamic studies (OSAIS). He regularly spends time following Dewsbury Markaz.

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