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Darse- E -Quran

Darse e Quran by Moulana Mohammad Saheb is held, in English on Saturdays after Esha Jamaat and Majlis on rectification of the self (islah of the nafs) in Urdu and English, is held after Zuhar Jammat on Sundays. All lectures are boardcasted live and past lectures can be downloaded from

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Masjid e Umer 79 Queens Road, Walthamstow, London, Greater London,  E17 8QR 

Latest News

EatOrHeat: Thank You For The Food Donation

The trustees of Eat or Heat thank the Masjid e Umer on Queens Road for the amazing collection of food by the local community,  for the local community.

The volume of food is just amazing and by arranging this collection the Masjid e Umer has ensured that we will be able to help even more people in our community.

We just can’t thank you all enough!



Feeding the poor community project

The aim of this project is to provide assistance to the most vulnerable in our community, irrespective of race or religion. 


- Boxes of cereal

- Canned beans (inc Baked beans) 

- Pasta  / Rice

 - Canned vegetables

- Noodles / Couscous    

- Canned soup  

- Canned spaghetti

- Sugar

- Lentils                                             

- Long Life milk 

- Teabags / Coffee

- Marmalade/Jam

- Pasta Sauce

- Squash

Please drop off your donated food to Masjid e Umer from this Friday 3rd January 2014 to Sunday 5th January 2014 only anytime between 1pm and 8pm

"(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of God, saying: 'We feed you for the sake of God Alone; we seek from you neither reward nor thanks.'"  (Quran, 76:8-9)

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

"Feed the hungry, visit the sick and set free the captives."  (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Hadith 552)

The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be Upon him) is reported to have said:

"Verily, Allah will say to his slave when He will be taking account of him on the Day of Judgement, 'O' son of Adam, I was hungry and you did not feed me.' He will answer: 'How could I feed you? You are the Lord of the worlds!' He will say: 'Did you not know that my slave so and so who is the son of so and so felt hunger, and you'did not feed him. Alas, had you fed him you would have found that (i.e. reward) with Me.'.....(Muslim)

Subhannallah what more reward and encouragement do we need


Philippines Typhoon Appeal

AsSalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.


As we have seen on the news the situation of the population of Philippines is very distressing. 


The UN estimates that 11 million people have been affected by the super typhoon, and other reports place the number of displaced victims at 673,000. The death toll now stands at over 2300, with that number expected to rise. Meanwhile, the effort to reach remote areas and bury the dead in mass graves is underway. 


The situation is hugely desperate, and many areas have descended into chaos following the death and destruction of the storm.


Masjid e Umer will be collecting sadaqah and Zakat donations for this disaster.  




ANYONE that would like to donate can do so by:


a) Placing your donation into the grey safe in the main hall of the masjid. All the money collected in the safe up until Friday 23rd November will be given to this cause.


b) Alteratively you can give your donation to one of the committee members or the imam. Reminder to state if it's zakat money.


c) The mosque will be taking donations all day this Sunday 17th November and for the rest of the week until 23rd November 2013.


If you have any questions please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eid Al Adha 2013 Salaah Time

Inhsllah Eid Ul Adha will be on WEDNESDAY 16th OCTOBER 2013.


The Frst Salah will take place at kelmscott leasure centre at 8:00am (Please come prepeared with Wudhu as there are not Wudhu Facilities at Kelmscott)


The 2nd Salah will take place at Masjid e Umer at 8:45am



Important Fatwa

Fatwa of Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen Rahemahulllah (Famous Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Passed away in 2001)
Ref: Al-Aqalliyaat Al-Muslimah - Page 84, Fatwa No.23
Question: Should we abide by the local sighting in determining the Eidal-Adha or should we follow the pilgrims' schedule, knowing that North America sighting of crescent may come a day before Saudi Arabia's sighting?
Answer: "You should abide by the city you're living in."
Question: This means that we will fast the 9th of Zul-Hijja of North America and pray Eid on 10th Zul-Hijja of North America!
Answer: "Yes, and this is what you should do without any (Haraj) or mental anxiety."
Wish you good luck in fulfilling the Ibadah, fasting on the 9th Zul-hijja based on your area Moonsighting and celebrating Eid-al-Adha on 10th Zul-hijja.
Those who do it this way, they would have followed the Sunnah of the Prophet.
May Allah bless you all. WalHamdulillahi RabbilAlameen
Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen


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