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Darse- E -Quran

Darse e Quran by Moulana Mohammad Saheb is held, in English on Saturdays after Esha Jamaat and Majlis on rectification of the self (islah of the nafs) in Urdu and English, is held after Zuhar Jammat on Sundays. All lectures are boardcasted live and past lectures can be downloaded from

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Masjid e Umer 79 Queens Road, Walthamstow, London, Greater London,  E17 8QR 

Latest News


Alhumdulillah Masjid e Umer have been provided a funeral service for all in our community for a long time. The service for transportation of the body has always been done by one brother using his personal 7 seater van and Alhumdulillah he never charges for this service. Those who have had a death in the community and have used this service can testify to this.


Unfortunately due to new rules recently the hospital has said they will no longer be releasing the deceased body to the Masjid unless we have a proper ambulance vehicle.  Not everyone is in the position to hire an ambulance for £600 a time


It is for this reason we are asking for donations specifically to purchase a purpose build private ambulance to help us provide this funeral service.  The cost for a purpose build ambulance will be in the region of £10k to £15k.


We hope the community responds to this appeal and helps us collect this amount. We will be collecting for the whole of today and if needed you can also donate the money to a member of the committee at the Masjid or the imam.There is a pay online feature for people that want to pay online



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