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Darse e Quran by Moulana Mohammad Saheb is held, in English on Saturdays after Esha Jamaat and Majlis on rectification of the self (islah of the nafs) in Urdu and English, is held after Zuhar Jammat on Sundays. All lectures are boardcasted live and past lectures can be downloaded from

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Masjid e Umer Trust Condemn the Killings of innocent people by 'IS'

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.   

This is an open letter to the leadership of ISIS written by some of the most learned and respected Islamic Scholars and Imams of Great Britain. It urges the immediate release of Alan Henning and all other hostages in their captivity. This letter draws on the verses of the Holy Qur'aan and the Ahadith (Sayings/Actions) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to remind the ISIS leadership of the duties and obligations that fall upon all Muslims.

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh   

All praise is due to Allah the Most High. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon His beloved messenger Muhammad (PBUH). 

We write this letter to you with these verses of the Holy Qur'aan in mind: 

"And remind, for verily, the reminding benefits the believers." [51:55]   

"Verily, Allah enjoins justice and kindness..." [16:91]   

And this Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

"The Compassionate One has mercy on those who are merciful. If you show mercy to those who are on the earth, He Who is in the heaven will show mercy to you". [Abu Dawood] 

With these verses and the Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in mind we call upon you in the name of Allah to show compassion and mercy to Alan Henning and all others who are in your captivity. 

As fellow Muslims and brothers we see it as an Islamic responsibility to give Nasihah and advice as the Holy Qur'aan states: 

All believers are but brothers...[49:10] 

The imprisonment of innocent human beings goes against the spirit of our beloved Religion of Islam. To force Islam upon any non Muslim also goes against the teachings of our great Religion; the Holy Qur'aan has announced: 

"There is no compulsion in Religion. [2:256]  

When this is the case then forcing Islam upon anyone cannot be seen as an act of Islam. Nor can killing and murdering anyone upon rejection be seen as a part of Islam. We would like to draw your attention towards the practice of the Leader of the Mu'mineen Umar Ibn Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him):

Umar ibn Khattab had a servant who he had brought up from childhood. He propagated the message of Islam to him on many occasions. However the servant continually refused to accept Islam. Umar would always say in response to his refusal: "There is no compulsion in religion." To the extent that near the death of Umar, he freed this servant. [Kitabul Amwaal, vol 1, p154] 

When the Khalifatul Mulimeen, Umar Ibn Khattab  (May Allah be pleased with him) did not force his own servant, how can we compel other non Muslims to accept Islam? And further how can we take the life of a human being upon rejection? 

As Muslims we must understand that Human life is sacred, whether it is a life of a believer or a non believer. Hence the very reason the Holy Qur'aan has announced that whosoever  unjustly took a life of an innocent person, then  it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind. Based on the Qur'aanic announcement we strongly condemn the very vicious murder of  the two American journalists; James Foley and Steven Sotloff  and the British aid worker David Haines, at the same time we appeal to you that taking the verse of the Holy Qur'aan:

"....and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind" [5:32];

into consideration, you release Alan Henning and all other hostages at once without any further harm. These were people who had come to work in Muslim lands. Many such reporters and aid workers have, through their work, benefitted peace loving people, Muslim and Non Muslim alike, by their dedication to their work. How can it ever be justified to take the life of such innocent human beings? 

You must be aware that under Islamic law those that are living under Muslim rule are guaranteed peace and security, and although we accept that Islamic law is not prevalent in these lands, these innocent people came to Iraq and Syria for their livelihoods with all confidence in the peace and justice that our great Religion of Islam preaches and promotes. They were granted protection  in these Muslim lands and this should have remained the case. Let us remind you of the Hadith: Abdullah bin `Amr (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Whoever killed a person having a treaty with the Muslims, shall not smell the smell of Paradise though its smell is perceived from a distance of forty years" (meaning that he will not enter Paradise). 

As Muslims we have been taught by our Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) to be compassionate and merciful to all creation be it human beings or animals for that matter. We draw your attention to the following Hadith: Abu Hurrairah (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates that Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "A man was walking on a road when he became very thirsty. He found a well and went into it and drank and came out. There was a dog panting and eating earth out of thirst. The man said, 'This dog has become as thirsty as I was.' He went down into the well and filled his shoe and then held it in his mouth until he climbed out and gave the dog water to drink. Allah thanked him for it and forgave him." They said, "Messenger of Allah, do we have a reward for taking care of beasts?" He said, "There is a reward for every one with a moist liver." [Muwatta Malik]   

When being merciful and compassionate to a dog has led God Almighty to announce forgiveness and Paradise for the fortunate individual, then showing mercy and compassion to the creation of God that He Himself has deemed as 'Ashraful Makhlookat' (the noblest of all creation) will InshaAllah definitely lead to the gaining of the pleasure of Allah Almighty. As regards to the Human being; Allah Almighty has announced: 

"And indeed We have honoured the Children of Adam... "[17:70]

Allah Almighty, in another verse tells us how He has honored the sons of Adam and made them noble by creating them in the best and most perfect of forms, as He says:

Verily, We created man in the best stature (mould). [95:4]

This Insaan (Human Being) that Allah Almighty created in his word ' in the best stature' should not be humiliated, nor tortured, nor murdered. We remind you of the warning of our great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): "He is not one of us who does not have mercy on our young and does not respect our elders." [Tirmidhi] 

This individual or others in your captivity is either younger than yourselves or older; should we not heed to the advice of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by either honouring them or having compassion and mercy for them? Our great Religion of Islam demands this. We must remind you that these individuals are someone's sons, brothers, fathers or husbands. Why are you putting so many innocent human beings through so much grief and suffering? Again we remind you of the Saying of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH): Narrated Anas may Allah be pleased with him: The Prophet (PBUH) said, "None of you will have faith till he wishes for his brother what he likes for himself." [Muslim] 

With all the guidance being understood from the Holy Qur'aan and the Ahaadith of our great Prophet (PBUH) we request you O fellow Muslims; to show compassion and mercy. We must remind you again that this is an important quality of a Mu'min (believer) as can be understood from the Hadith we quoted earlier: The Prophet (PBUH) said: "The Compassionate One has mercy on those who are merciful. If you show mercy to those who are on the earth, He Who is in the heaven will show mercy to you". [Abu Dawood] 

Show that compassion for the sake of Allah Almighty towards his creation, and grant those individuals in your captivity the Allah given freedom that every Human Being deserves. By doing this you will come under the glad tidings given in the Hadith 'He Who is in the heaven will show mercy to you'. This message to yourselves was our religious responsibility. As believers we have been instructed to help both the oppressed and the oppressor as can be understood by the Hadith: Narrated Anas may Allah be pleased with him: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "Help your brother whether he is an oppressor or an oppressed," A man said, "O Allah's Messenger, I will help him if he is oppressed, but if he is an oppressor, how shall I help him?" The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "By preventing him from oppressing (others), for that is how to help him." Finally, with a humble request again for yourselves as fellow Muslims to show compassion and mercy to Alan and other hostages who may be in your captivity by granting them their freedom we conclude this letter.


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